Welcome To King Construction Services

When it comes to building, every decision and every procedure we do, are a result of first-hard experience and years of fine tuning our development process. Learning from our successes as well as our mistakes, we have used the knowledge we gained to create a  thriving company in a very short period of time, providing our customers with quality homes they will enjoy for years to come.

As a successful full-service construction company, we provide design, project management and construction services for the construction of infrastructure, water, power, environmental, and facility projects. Our 30 years of experience include Infrastructure, Facility, Building Construction, Construction Management, and Design-Build.

We’ve learned that true customer satisfaction requires more than a great product. It demands that we provide an experience that meets the unique needs of our clients. Each client. and every project, receives a customized plan to get the job done.

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  1. Mike B. says:

    I was very nervous about building my new home. I met Mike and immediately I could tell that he has a lot of experience not only building homes but also working with people and he understood my concerns and explained every step of the project in detail

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